Nutrition Matters More For Seniors

As an independent living facility near New Orleans, we think of everything affecting our seniors’ quality of life. And that includes nutrition. Of course, here in Louisiana food is a huge part of our culture and lifestyles. Find out more about how you can eat nutritiously—and deliciously.  

Nutrition Matters More For Seniors

Health starts with what you decide to put in your body. Giving your body the right nutrients and maintaining a healthy weight helps to keep you active and independent. If you suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, keeping a healthy weight is even more important. Eating low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods will help you spend less time and money at the doctor. The types of nutrition your body needs doesn’t change as you age. Although, your metabolism does slow down. This means you need fewer calories than before. So as you age, your food choices start to matter more. Choosing nutrient-rich foods is vital for feeling young and healthy. 

In our independent living facility near New Orleans, our seniors' health matters.

Know What A Healthy Plate Looks Like

Start with knowing which important nutrients are vital to staying healthy. Making the right food choices is easier than you think! Your plate should look like a rainbow, full of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Also, you should try choosing high-fiber, low-sodium foods. A well-rounded, healthy meal should include the following:

  • Lean protein (lean meats, seafood, eggs, beans)
  • Fruits and vegetables (think orange, red, green, and purple)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, whole-wheat pasta)
  • Low-fat dairy (or, try for milk alternatives like almond or oat milk)

At Windsor Senior Living we provide well-balanced meals for all our seniors. The Food Services team offers dining room meals for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our expert chef, Matt Standefer, heads the kitchen and creates meals that are both nutritious and delicious. The quality of our meals is unmatched for an independent living facility in New Orleans.

Keep The Sugar Low

Limiting the amount of sugar you consume plays a huge role in managing your weight. Consuming high volumes of sugar can leave you feeling lethargic and devoid of energy. It can be difficult to cut sugar out of your diet as it’s very prevalent in processed foods today. Try to eat a variety of fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables and fruits without high-calorie sauces or added salt and sugars. Replace high-calorie foods with fruits and vegetables. Making this transition will give you a boost of energy and leave you feeling great!

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is key for all bodily functions. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated. You can manage this by drinking small amounts of fluids consistently throughout the day. Tea, coffee, and water are your best choices. Staying away from soda and other sugary drinks is a sure-fire way to improve your health immediately. 

The Premier Independent Living Facility In New Orleans

At Windsor Senior Living, we help our seniors maintain a balanced diet. Our on-staff chef prepares and serves meals to our residents daily!  That means less stress about making the decision to move to an independent living center in New Orleans. If you have any questions about what your right move might be, don’t hesitate to contact us at (985) 624-8040 or fill out a form online. We offer guided tours of all of our facilities to help inform your decision without feeling pressured. Our experts are standing by to help you with whatever questions you may have.