Health First At This Covington Retirement Community

It’s easy to feel less than motivated about your health sometimes, especially after retirement. Luckily, the staff and events at The Windsor Senior Living Community make motivation easy! You can’t find a Covington retirement community that is more devoted to maintaining and improving the health and happiness of its seniors. 

We Let You Choose!

Our retirement community is unique because it’s made to meet your needs. We know it’s important to preserve your independence and promote your confidence. Studies show that if you restrict a senior’s independence with excessive or unnecessary assistance, it can be counterproductive to their health. Which is why we seek to support your independence! 

Upon moving into one of our beautiful apartments, we offer you choices from the A La Carte Services menu, so you can pick what you need and leave out what you don’t. Additionally, feel free to cook homemade dinners in your kitchen with produce from the weekly group grocery trip. Or stick to your personal laundry schedule and use the free community laundry room on your floor.  No matter how you get things done, The Windsor has your back!

We Have What You’ve Been Missing!

Our Covington retirement community is committed to more than your medical appointments and prescriptions. Above all, we believe in providing an environment where you can make new memories with your friends and neighbors. We have various activities to keep you excited, active, and healthy each day. So be sure to join us when you move in!

We Can Be Crafty!

Sharpen your body and mind with our arts and crafts projects! Productive activity is very motivating in the everyday lives of our seniors. Studies say that crafting activities facilitate healthier psychological aging by engaging creativity and promoting problem-solving. For example, we frequently host crafting parties where our residents make decorations for other community celebrations. And this year they made paper flowers for our annual luau. You can always find our residents making something new, like a party, holiday, or even a hat!

We’re Into Fitness, Too!

We encourage our residents to frequently participate in our fitness activities. Our active classes include “Live 2B Healthy”, yoga, and Wii Bowling Tournaments. They are initially intended to be entertaining, but more importantly, they meet our community’s physical and psychological needs. You see, regular exercise boosts your immune system, and can reduce the chances of developing diabetes or other complications. Our activities also help to improve balance and mobility in order to minimize falling injuries and lessen arthritis symptoms. With your progress as a priority, the benefits of physical exercise are extensive and invaluable! 

Join This High-Quality Covington Retirement Community

It’s been said before, “retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials – much to live on and much to live for.” Well, The Windsor Senior Living Community is the perfect place to find a wonderful life of retirement! We’d love to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to call us at (985) 624-8040 or use our online form. Don’t wait to discover a community that strengthens you. Schedule your tour today!