4 Decoration Tips for Senior Apartments

For many seniors, moving into independent or assisted living senior apartments near Covington can be a difficult transition. Often it means transitioning out of the home they’ve known for many years. Fortunately, decorating senior apartments helps residents feel just as comfortable and safe as they did in their previous residence. To help you or your loved ones move seamlessly, The Windsor Senior Living Community has collected four of our favorite decorating tips to help you start thinking of ideas.

For many seniors, moving into independent or assisted living senior apartments in Covington can be a difficult transition.

1. Bring Old Comforts Into New Spaces

When residents first get the keys to their senior apartments near Covington, the blank slate of the new apartment can feel unwelcoming. But think of it like a fresh canvas with endless possibilities for the resident. However, decorating can take some time to accomplish. But bringing beloved treasures from your previous home offers instant personalization, helping residents build a cozy haven within moments.

Whether it’s a favorite armchair or a quilt from your old bedroom, bringing your treasures can transform the apartment in a few moments. With these small, comforting decorations, the blank slate becomes a sanctuary from the day. 

Many residents bring items that remind them of past trips or vacations. Another good example is hanging framed memorabilia from life events and accomplishments. These items can help residents maintain a strong connection to their identity and story while easing into a new chapter. 

2. Provide Comfort to Seniors With Photographs Inside Senior Apartments Near Covington 

Similar to sentimental treasures, photography can bring back fond memories and evoke a sense of familiarity in a new living space. Whether it’s photos of loved ones or snapshots from special trips and events, displaying these photos throughout the space can help residents connect to their new homes. 

You can also print out enlarged photos of their favorite images or the places they used to live on large canvases. This helps seniors enjoy photographs without the unnecessary eye strain common with small prints. 

3. Utilize Colors for a Brighter Mood

Adding color is one of the most dramatic ways residents can reflect their personality in senior apartments near Covington. We encourage all our residents to express their individuality. Choose bold colors like blues, yellows, reds, or greens to brighten the atmosphere and energize the space. Alternatively, choosing muted tones like lavender and light blue creates a calming energy. 

Colors can be incorporated without becoming overwhelming through tasteful pops of color. For example, popular ways to add these bursts of color are through furniture, coffee table books, rugs, artwork, curtains—you name it! The endless possibilities make it easy to customize the space to the resident’s taste and personality. 

Mindfully adding color to our environment may even boost their overall mood. In fact, using curated color pallets for a higher quality of life is called color therapy, or chromotherapy. The use of color therapy can be traced back to many ancient civilizations, such as ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India! For centuries, we have found comfort in surrounding ourselves with our favorite colors. 

4. Indoor Plants Bring Life Into an Apartment!

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to brighten senior apartments near Covington. Many potted plants or flowers can add a cheerful touch to any room. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, indoor plants and gardening offer amazing benefits for seniors. This study of 2,800 older individuals at St Vincent’s Hospital in Australia revealed dedicating daily time to plants can decrease the chance of developing dementia by as much as 36%. Additionally, house plants can purify the air, brighten moods, relieve stress, and more.

We suggest small potted plants like pothos, succulents, or cacti for those new to indoor plants. These options require minimal maintenance. Residents can enjoy the benefit of plants with little effort in caring for them!

However, The Windsor Senior Living Community proudly maintains our beautifully landscaped community for those missing their green thumbs. Therefore, residents can enjoy nature on walks around our pond or throughout the grounds. It is one of the best ways to remain active in a senior living community. 

Start Designing Your Next Home at The Windsor!

Decorating a senior living space can create an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity that represents the resident. With these helpful tips in mind, residents can transform senior apartments into inviting spaces for seniors near Covington with ease!

The Windsor Senior Living Community strives to create a space celebrating meaningful moments in residents’ lives. The independent living and assisted living packages provide a solution for residents of different needs. 

By offering these plans, our residents can focus on spending their golden years exactly how they prefer—stress-free. For more information and resources about senior living communities, browse our blog’s helpful resources. Some of our posts offer advice for discussing senior care with loved ones, transition tips, and debunking common myths! If you have any questions, please call us at (985) 624-8040 or send us a message online today. Our team would be happy to help you however we can.