Gardening in Retirement Communities

At The Windsor Senior Living Community, we pride ourselves on the individualism of our residents. That’s why we promote a multitude of community events and activities, as well as connecting with others in the community. But, we can’t provide or cannot fulfill a number of activities due to current restrictions. Take gardening, for example. However, we do think this is a wonderful hobby for our residents to get into. Discover more about how you or your senior can begin with one of the best retirement communities near New Orleans. 

Learn about what gardening can do for you in our retirement community near New Orleans.

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening has its benefits, no matter if it’s inside or outside. For example, it’s easy to feel stressed, now and at any time. However, gardening can lower cortisol levels in your brain. When there’s too much of this stress hormone, your blood pressure could go up—stressing you out, in simpler terms. 

Of course, it’s easy for seniors to feel out of control or overwhelmed when moving to a new situation. But having something to care for, like a plant, gives them the control they need in order to adjust to these changes. To continue, cultivating plants can help individuals by improving their overall mental health as well. Spending time with nature can increase their energy, which is also why we encourage our residents to spend some time outside as well.

Get a plant for your senior today, and help them feel more in control and healthier in one of the best retirement communities near New Orleans.

Easy Plants for Seniors

Some plants can be a real pain to grow. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on gardening altogether. You just need something easy to care for. So, what are some easy plants for elderly individuals? Do such things exist?

Of course they do! In fact, some of the best plants you can get as a senior include different kinds of succulents like aloe vera, jade plant, or burro’s tail. These easy-to-care-for plants offer a nice splash of color and decoration, with only a little sunlight and water. 

Another popular, easy plant includes the African violet. As we live in a warmer area (even in the winter) and these plants take little care, an African violet is a perfect flowering plant for a senior with a green thumb. 

There are plenty of other plants that are easy to grow out there. If you decide to get into gardening, take your time searching for the best way to make your indoor plants grow brilliantly. 

The Best Choice of Retirement Communities Near New Orleans

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