Debunking Retirement Community Myths

Everybody prefers to experience their lives in a way that makes them happiest. And this becomes harder after a certain age, making people warily look to retirement communities. However, inaccurate retirement community myths have created unnecessary apprehension towards making this lifestyle shift, regardless of the benefits. If you are considering a retirement community in Mandeville for you or a loved one but are feeling reluctant because of these false rumors, read on to learn the truth about retirement communities. 

Considering retirement communities in Mandeville?

“A retirement community won’t feel like home.” 

Many people curate their homes for a very long time and have perfectly constructed an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the world. The thought of leaving that behind for a retirement community can be less than appealing, but retirement communities like The Windsor offer a variety of apartment-style room layouts. Once settled in, you can appreciate the atmosphere of a home without suffering from homeowner upkeep like repairs and maintenance. You’ll have more time to focus on all the things you love most.

One of our residents, Barbra Woolwine, stated after walking into The Windsor, “This is the only place we considered because when you walk in the door, it’s like walking home. It’s a family—and there’s a family feeling to this place that we didn’t feel anywhere else. And that’s the truth.”

“If I consider retirement communities in Mandeville, I won’t have the freedom I have at home.” 

Giving up freedom is one of the prime apprehensions people feel about the idea of moving into a retirement community in Mandeville. The motivation of retirement communities is to support the individual, independent lives of their residents. In fact, the independent living plan at The Windsor still allows residents to drive as they please and offers an A La Carte menu of assistance to cater to every resident. 

“My hobbies and exercise routines will become a thing of the past.” 

This is one of the biggest myths of all! When you move into a retirement community in Mandeville, the fun is just beginning. At The Windsor, we believe in helping the individualities of our residents flourish with the help of countless activities and events

We want there to be something for everyone to enjoy. Our residents feel excited every day to get started with their colorful and exciting calenders. This is because the residents suddenly have so much more free time fully devoted to their passions without disruptions. 

“I won’t be able to entertain or host my loved ones anymore, and my social life will suffer.” 

Not only can residents host their loved ones in the comfort of their personal apartments, but they can also have guests to enjoy the beautiful grounds and many community areas around the property. Besides that, once the guests leave, they will not have to stress about the pickup without help. Retirement communities give seniors the tools they need to live the lives they want to live as stress-free and effortlessly as possible. 

“My privacy will go away if I move out of my home.” 

Residents should have access to as much privacy as they’d like. They still have full control over where, when, and how they’d like to spend their time. If the resident chooses to read in the privacy of their room, it’s entirely up to them. Likewise, if they choose to eat with the other residents, it’s also their call. Retirement communities have no desire to take away the autonomy of their residents. The primary goal of retirement communities is to boost the quality of life and overall happiness of their community. 

Visit The Windsor, and Leave Those Myths Behind

If you are looking for a retirement community near Mandeville that gives you peace of mind for you or a loved one, come view The Windsor today! Give us a call at 985-624-8040 and have our passionate staff help you however necessary. You can also contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.