Nursing Home Alternatives: What Are Your Options?

the  When one thinks of senior care, people often think of nursing homes. While nursing homes are an excellent option for many, it is not ideal for all seniors. If you or a loved one is seeking nursing home alternatives for senior care near Covington, use this guide from The Windsor Senior Living Community to understand your options.

In-Home vs. Residential Senior Care

For the most part, senior care is divided between in-home and residential care. Every senior is different with their own unique needs, circumstances, and financial limitations. Therefore, deciding if in-home or residential care is more appropriate for your needs is a personal decision that requires careful consideration. 

In-Home Care Options

Commonly, individuals refer to in-home senior care as aging in place. This route allows seniors to pursue individualized care options while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Individuals retain their daily routines and familiar comforts through the care of hired help, programs, or loved ones. Typically, it is a more affordable option. This is because you can restrict your professional care expenses by only hiring a part-time caretaker. Although this is a luxury many do not have, a loved one most commonly assumes the primary caregiver role. However, it is rare for a senior’s support system not to rely on some level of professional care. According to a survey by Genworth, in-home care costs around $5,000 per month nationally. For those opting for home caregiving, these are the most popular nursing home alternatives. 

Adult Daycare

While family often comes together to care for their senior loved ones, they still have responsibilities that may pull them away from home during the day. Fortunately, adult daycare is an excellent option for those who need care while their family caregivers are busy during the day. 

Medicaid HCBS

Medicaid Home & Community-Based Services Waivers is a program for Medicaid recipients to receive care services and non-medical support. You can hire family members as providers as it can be difficult balancing a career while providing full-time care. This depends on the service and state. Unfortunately, enrollment is limited and often has a waiting list. 

Medicaid PACE

Medicare Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly programs provide a selection of care services for individuals requiring the level of care in nursing homes. It offers a team of caregivers to work with your family to create a care regiment that the senior needs. However, participants rarely have a say in who their providers are and may be required to travel inconvenient distances to find treatment and care under their coverage. 

Medical Alert Systems and Wellness Alarms

Medical alert systems and wellness cameras have been helpful for many families who only need a light level of care. You can consider this option for those who can be left alone comfortably but may need to alert emergency services. 

Residential Senior Care Options

For many, aging in place is not possible or the right option for the needs of your loved one, and senior residential care may be more suitable. Unfortunately, it is common for seniors to avoid moving into assisted care because they fear giving up their homes, personal freedom, and privacy. Luckily, many residential senior care options will quickly feel like home and encourage individual freedom. 

Adult Foster Care

For those looking to age in a small, family environment, adult foster care homes may be the right option. They offer a family-like living experience to a small group of seniors in a private home. Typically up to six seniors live together communally and share meals and free time as you would with family. Unfortunately, adult foster care doesn’t offer the same amenities or social opportunities as senior living communities. And, medical care rarely goes beyond assistance with medication. 

Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities are the ideal choice for those who want to maintain the lifestyle they look forward to during retirement. In communities like The Windsor, residents live in their private apartments with independent and assisted care plans to choose from. You can add supplementary services off our A La Carte menu as needed.

Outside the apartment, residents enjoy a fun and social community. Many quickly grow to adore the community the second they move in. Our social events and activities team plans a schedule filled with entertainment for every interest our residents may have. Living in senior communities perfectly balances independence, entertainment, and senior care. For more information about why senior living communities might be the perfect choice, The Windsor has written more helpful information on our blog

Do Senior Living Communities Sound Like the Right Nursing Home Alternative for You?

Senior living communities are an extremely popular alternative for those not interested in a nursing home for their senior care near Covington. Often these communities are the most reasonable and beneficial option for seniors who want to maintain their lifestyle without challenges. The Windsor is here to help our residents regain autonomy over the lives they cherish. If you have any questions or want to set up a tour, please call us at 985-624-8040 or send us a message online. We hope to hear from you soon.