Conversations To Have About Assisted Living

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There are many choices we make in our life that require deep thought and a lot of conversations. It can often feel even harder than it is and difficult to even know where to start. But with help from The Windsor Senior Living Community, you can get on the right path for the best choice. Trust in us to help you as your trusted assisted living community near New Orleans.

Talking With Family

Some of the first conversations you should be having are with your family. For example, is it the right time? How do you know if it’s the right time? A doctor can also help you answer this question. But, it’s good for the entire family to agree that assisted living is the best choice. If your aging relative has trouble doing tasks around the home or is a danger to themselves or others, it’s most likely time.

One of the next conversations should be about finances. Now that you’ve chosen assisted living in a facility near New Orleans, you need to talk about payment. More often than not, multiple family members can chip in. But, if there is an alternative, that’s something you and your family need to talk about.

Another conversation is simply “where?” After all, there are multiple assisted living communities near New Orleans. But, you need help from the best community you can find. Thankfully, The Windsor Senior Living Community is comfortably located in Covington, Louisiana.

Discussions With Staff

As members of staff, it is our duty to answer any question you have. We don’t blame you for wanting to have the best possible experience for your loved one. Common questions that we often hear include:

  • What is your staff-to-resident ratio? Do you have a 24/7 nurse? These questions are understandable as we also want to provide your family members with high-quality care.
  • How much do assisted living services cost? Because our assisted living residents need necessary aid while our independent residents do not, there are services available at varying costs. You can even mix and match what services to use or choose a package deal.
  • Is there a waitlist? We would love to house every elder in need, but there is limited space. At times, a waitlist is necessary to ensure our staff isn’t overworked and that we don’t overbook.

There are plenty of other questions to ask, but each comes with a case-to-case basis. Write down what questions you want to ask us the next time you come in for a meeting. 

Choose Assisted Living Near New Orleans Today

Are you ready to choose The Windsor as your assisted living choice near New Orleans? We understand how difficult it can be to have these sorts of conversations, but we’re always happy to help you through this time. Ask us more about necessary conversations and about our procedures. Feel free to give us a call at 985-624-8040 or send us a message online. One of our members of staff will call you back as soon as possible. Let us help you make the right choice at The Windsor Senior Living Community.

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