Exploring The Best Assisted Living Options Near You

When the time comes that your aging loved one decides to transition from a home to an assisted living community, it’s often a hard decision to pick. After all, there’s so many choices that it’s hard to figure out which community is the best fit. Fortunately, The Windsor Senior Living Community is one of the best-assisted living options near New Orleans. 

We know that the whole process seems daunting and time-consuming, especially for families who are unfamiliar with choosing retirement communities. But our professionals wanted to provide a few tips to help you out in the decision-making process.

Determine What’s In Your Price Range

When it comes to our loved ones, we generally would like to think that we would spare no expense for them. Unfortunately, money is a deciding factor as many families search for the right community. And that’s not a bad thing! After all, you do have other expenses. So, look at what your family can afford on a month-to-month basis. Talk to your siblings or other family members about pitching in to cover expenses.  A lot of the time, outside financial options can prevent a more difficult decision such as selling a family home or cashing in a life insurance policy. 

Get Connected With A Senior Living Ambassador

After determining what’s in you and your family’s price range, get in touch with one of our professional Senior Living staff members. Our staff can help you explore assisted living options near New Orleans. Who knows—our staff may also help you explore financial options you didn’t think possible. 

Seeing Is Believing! 

No amount of time spent viewing websites, checking out floor plans, or looking at amenities substitute an in-person visit to our assisted living community. Try to aim for at least two separate tours to get a real feel for the location. Be sure to include your family on these tours as well so they feel comfortable making a decision with you. The more your loved ones are involved in the process, the better.

A good time to visit our communities is during meal-time. Not only will your family get to experience the culture of the community, but they will also get the opportunity to interact with current members as many will be out and about during this time. 

Even from your initial tour, it’s easy to see where your family fits in. Maybe visit our facilities on a follow-up tour to provide better insights on their day-to-day. Contact The Windsor to schedule these for you in one simple call

Contact Us Today To Explore Your Options

If you or a loved one are looking for assisted living options near New Orleans, then call The Windsor Senior Living Community at 985-624-8040 or book a tour online today! If you have a question for us beforehand, please send us a message. Our professional staff is ready to help you find your new home. Find yours today at The Windsor.