Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

Don't settle for a nursing home. The Windsor is here to show you why our community is the better choice.

Assisted living communities come in many shapes and sizes, and there’s no one approach to making this transition with your aging loved one. With many types of facilities offering different levels of care and amenities, you need to have the tools to make a well-informed decision for you and your family.  

Nursing homes and senior living communities have often been considered synonymous, but the two terms are actually quite different. From levels of care to the site environment and community—look at some key differences to help you find the best option for your loved one.

Levels of Care

Depending on the needs of your family member, they will need different levels of care. Nursing homes provide the highest, most attentive level of care outside of a hospital, with 24-hr monitoring and a physician overseeing the care of each patient. A nursing home will be the best option for those with complex medical conditions that are unable to live independently. These residents usually require around the clock monitoring and more extensive care. These facilities are equipped with the medical equipment needed to keep your family member safe and comfortable as they age. 

In contrast, assisted living communities like The Windsor provide a longer-term home-like atmosphere to those who have some medical conditions or just need assistance with their activities of daily living (also known as ADLs). Senior living facilities give residents a great deal of autonomy in their daily activities. However, they are also available to monitor and support with certain aspects of daily life. There is 24hr access to a medical team, a physician on site, and many other employees on staff to assist with the needs of the residents. 

Your Environment

Another key difference between nursing homes and assisted living communities is the actual site environment. Nursing homes naturally feel a bit more like a hospital-style setting, with more medical equipment at hand like electric beds, vital machines, etc. Since these residents are in need of more medical care and attention, the site provides the staff with the tools they need to deliver consistent care. 

Assisted living communities usually strongly resemble apartment complexes, or community living areas. With one and two-bed units with a bathroom and mini kitchen, the residents will have their own space to decorate and make their own. These living communities often have a courtyard, dining facility, and recreational opportunities. Some examples of these include arts and crafts, theater trips, etc. Overall, the residents usually have a great deal more autonomy within their daily lives, and some residents come and go as they please

Are You Looking For Assisted Living Or A Nursing Home In Covington?

Knowing and making the distinction between assisted living and nursing homes in Covington is an important first step in choosing the right environment for your or your loved one. When choosing the right assisted living community, The Windsor makes it easy. We provide residents with a beautiful living space they can call their own, and everything from our services to our friendly staff and beautiful surroundings make life easier and more enjoyable for seniors.

If you are ready to start living better, why not schedule a tour and visit us? Tours also include a complimentary lunch, so you can try one of our excellent meals for yourself. And, if you have any questions, give us a call at 985-624-8040 or contact us online. Covington seniors deserve the best, and that’s what The Windsor provides.