The Assisted Living Community Covington Seniors Deserve

We could all use a little help now and then. But, as seniors get older, the support they need to live fulfilling, active lives can increase with time. And things like housekeeping, taking medicine on time, and cooking meals may not seem as simple as they used to. If you’ve noticed that an elderly loved one is struggling to keep up with the demands of day-to-day life, it may be time to consider a trusted assisted living community near Covington.

How The Windsor Makes Life Better for Seniors

At The Windsor, we are committed to providing our seniors with the assisted living community they deserve. Residents enjoy a friendly, family-like atmosphere with the support of a caring team. This lets them worry less about the small things so they can focus on doing what makes them happy. Independent and assisted living residents also live on the same floor, making it easy for friends to enjoy each other’s company when they want.

And concerns about what to cook and when to get groceries become a thing of the past. Our seniors get to savor the incredible flavors of Chef Matthew Standefer’s cooking for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. 

But we understand that there are some days when residents just want to relax. This is why we also offer room service to let them enjoy their meals in the comfort of their own living space. And tours include a complimentary lunch, so you can also get a taste of our delicious cuisine for yourself!

The Windsor also provides active seniors with plenty of engaging and entertaining things to do. Yoga classes, arts and crafts, coffee chats, exercise classes, chef soirées, and birthday happy hours are just a few of the regular activities we provide for our residents. For seniors who like to stay busy, there’s always something fun right around the corner. 

Services Seniors Can Rely On

We understand that some seniors benefit from extra help with their daily tasks, which is why The Windsor offers a variety of assisted living services to our residents. Our full assisted living package includes the following amenities:

  • Daily dressing assistance in the morning and at night.
  • Bathing assistance every other day.
  • Medication assistance program.
  • Daily bed making, dish washing, trash removal.
  • Three meals daily.
  • Apartment meal delivery.
  • Laundry service twice a week.
  • Housekeeping twice a week.

And we also provide several amenities a la carte to prevent residents from paying for services they may not need. These can be purchased on a monthly basis. So, if a resident’s needs change, we can provide additional services to give them extra assistance for as long as they need it.

Find Out Why The Windsor Is the Best Assisted Living Community in the Covington Area

When it comes to the wellbeing of an elderly loved one, you want to do everything possible to make sure they can enjoy life to the fullest. At The Windsor, we are dedicated to providing our residents with a place they can happily call home. And, our newly renovated apartments provide beauty, comfort, and elegance that will make their golden years shine even brighter. Call today at 985-624-8040 or contact us online if you have questions. And, be sure to keep up with all the latest news and events to know what’s happening in our community!