7 Signs You Should Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Home

Deciding to seek assisted living is not an easy task. In fact, it can be much easier to turn a blind eye to indicators rather than facing them head-on. As you or your loved ones age, more and more signs may become evident that your senior needs assisted living and regular care. We know that this can be a difficult decision to make. That’s why we at The Windsor Senior Living Community are dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible! If you are questioning whether or not you should consider assisted living near Kenner, keep an eye out for these signs.

Searching for assisted living near Kenner?

1. Progressing Medical Conditions

Whether you or a loved one has a chronic illness or are simply observing the regular effects of aging, you may notice a decline in health. Don’t leave a loved one to cope or recover on their own. An assisted living facility can offer full-time care! Our staff is not only kind and welcoming but they are also equipped to support your loved one’s health. Regular supervision and professional care can ensure that they are in good hands.

2. Isolation

Many factors may cause a loved one to isolate themselves. Worsening health, mobility issues, mental health issues, and more can cause them to retreat into themselves. Under the care of an assisted living community, they will enjoy regular company in a comfortable environment. From social events with other seniors in our care facility to regular check-ins from our caregivers, your loved ones can have plenty of chances for interaction!

3. Suffering a Recent Fall

Experiencing a fall can be a debilitating, unsettling experience. Even without lasting mobility issues or injury, the fear of suffering a second fall can make living alone uneasy. If an at-home caregiver is not an option, consider an assisted living community! Daily care prevents your loved ones from living in fear and keeps them safe with regular supervision. 

4. Struggling to Manage Medications

Keeping up with daily medications can be a struggle. This becomes even more difficult if your loved one is going through dementia or other cognitive issues. At The Windsor Senior Living Community, we make sure that our assisted living residents receive daily medication assistance. No more forgetting doses or doubling up. We can help ensure all medications are taken properly and on schedule!

5. Mobility Issues

Do you have trouble walking, taking stairs, carrying groceries, or performing other daily tasks? This can make regular care essential. Renovating your home and vehicles for better access is not always an option. At a senior living facility like The Windsor, we make sure that residents have the mobility assistance they need. Wide hallways for wheelchair access, restroom assistance, and transportation help you to remain active while safely navigating mobility issues.

6. Can’t Maintain Home Upkeep

Age, mobility issues, and illness can all affect one’s ability to take care of their surroundings. Washing dishes, cleaning your home, and performing regular yard work may become a tremendous burden. At The Windsor, we take this stress off your shoulders. With no yard care necessary and regular housekeeping, you won’t have to worry about keeping your space neat and tidy. We can take care of it for you!

7. Poor Personal Habits

Just as it can become difficult to take care of your home, it can also become much harder to maintain proper physical hygiene. From showering less often to having issues with using the restroom, dressing, or brushing their teeth, a senior resident may require extra assistance. With our assisted living amenities, we help with bathing every other day and getting dressed in the morning and evening. This frequency can be increased if needed, as well!

Find Assisted Living Near Kenner 

The Windsor Senior Living Community offers excellent assisted living services and is located near Kenner in Mandeville. We provide seniors with the highest level of care. With social events, medical assistance, delicious daily meals, and comfortable living spaces, we ensure that each resident is happy, healthy, and thoroughly cared for. If you would like to schedule a tour of our community, please give us a call today at 985-624-8040! You can also send us a message for further information. If you need assisted living, let us help you discover The Windsor experience!