3 Ways to Prepare For Assisted Living

The transition from homeownership to senior living can take time and effort. Children and loved ones may find it difficult accepting the senior in their life is transitioning into a new chapter. At the same time, seniors can struggle to leave the normalcy of their homes and routine. However, you can ease the transition with some helpful advice. If you’re considering a senior living community near Louisiana’s Northshore, The Windsor Senior Living Community might be the perfect fit! Between our independent and assisted living options, rest assured your loved one is receiving premium care. We understand the strain this decision can have on you and your loved one. The Windsor has some helpful advice to make the process easier for you. 

The Windsor has some helpful advice to make the process of transitioning into assisted living on the northshore easier for you

1. Know When to Make the Switch to Assisted Living on The Northshore 

As your loved one’s primary caregiver, knowing and deciding when to switch to a senior living community is the first step. Start by reviewing the number of accidents and trips to the emergency room over the past year. As your parent ages, understand that these accidents may naturally increase with age. However, the recovery time for seniors often amplifies with each fall. 

Suppose you’re regularly worrying about the safety of your loved one. In that case, a senior living community might become necessary for their protection and your peace of mind. Additionally, seniors who cannot leave home due to mobility issues, transportation, or health conditions significantly benefit from the extra support and community offered by senior living communities. 

2. Prepare for the Conversation

An article from a senior living resource called Where You Live Matters outlines helpful tips to consider before conversing with your loved one. Also, check out The Windsor’s thoughtful advice for discussing senior living for more advice. Going about it the right way can give you and your loved one peace of mind that your loved ones are living safely and making the most out of their golden years.

Below are a few key ways to respectfully approach your loved one: 

  • Create a list of concerns for aging parents and offer solutions
  • Educate yourself on the misconceptions and benefits of senior living
  • Use empathy instead of sympathy
  • Listen, listen, listen
  • Remember, it is their decision
  • Avoid information overload
  • Maintain patience and support

Most importantly, keep your parents involved in the process. Understand that your parent may have complex feelings about this new chapter, and a bit of pushback is common. If approached with empathy, understanding, and a listening ear, the process will run smoother for everyone involved.

3. Present the Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Seniors confined in their homes lack the independence and freedom to engage in activities they enjoy. In fact, research indicates that seniors are happier and healthier when they move to a retirement home before a crisis occurs. After the initial adjustment period, many residents truly appreciate the higher level of support and the added opportunities for socialization, dining, and activities. Some residents even reveal that they wish they’d made the transition sooner. 

Our residents can maintain independence as they age without worrying about meal preparation, housekeeping, and maintenance issues. At The Windsor Senior Living Community, our residents find the support they need to maintain independence as they age.

Consider The Windsor for Independent and Assisted Living Options Near Lousiana’s Northshore!

Our goal at The Windsor Senior Living Community is to provide our residents with a home full of friends, family, fun, love, and laughter. If you’re interested in independent or assisted living options in a retirement community, contact us today for more information about becoming part of this beautiful community.