Tech That Makes Older Living Easier

As time goes on, technology is expanding. We see this change with the development of our phones, cars, and even refrigerators. But how has tech evolved for the elderly? You might be surprised about what’s in the market. At The Windsor Senior Living Community, we pride ourselves on our assisted living program near Covington. And because we love to help out our seniors, we invite you to check out these great pieces of technology.

Medication Reminders

One of the biggest battles for seniors is taking medication on time. With multiple different pills to take a day, it’s often challenging to remember to take them all at the right time. 

  • MedMinder. MedMinder is a digital pill dispenser. An adult fills the tray and schedules pill times online. When it’s time to take them, the dispenser flashes or unlocks. It continues by beeping and calling until the pills are taken. 
  • If the senior in your life owns a smartphone, there are many applications available to remind them to take their medications. Take the RxmindMe app, for example. This reminder app is free and helps seniors remember to take their medication.

If none of these are up your alley, our A La Carte amenities offer a medication assistance program. Ask us more about our assisted living services in Covington and see what’s best for you!

Tech For All Ages!

It’s very easy for seniors to feel lonely. And for some, even their own personal time can feel suffocating. Luckily, there are a few pieces of technology out there to help fill the silence.

  • JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets by Ageless Innovation. Initially a part of Hasbro, this team was told to experiment with different, new markets. After creating the first creation, they found their toy was perfect for older adults. With intensive design and constant input, Ageless Design created Companion Pets. These toys look, feel, and react just like real pets do, but without the necessary care. Currently, they have cats, kittens, and pups available. Get one for the senior in your life to get them the fluffy friend they deserve.
  • Continuing with loneliness, another excellent tool for your lonely senior is Vector. This little robot has the functionality of Alexa, but the companionship everyone craves. Vector can play, tell you the weather, access the internet, and more. And with his amount of self-awareness, Vector can see the edges of tables and charge himself when in reach of his charging station. While a smartphone is not necessary for use, it is for setup. Bring yours when you buy your senior a Vector.

There are many more pieces of technology out there to make seniors’ lives easier. And with the way technology is expanding, who knows what’ll be on the market soon? Stay up to date with our blog and find out for yourself! 

Just because your loved ones are in assisted living doesn't mean they can't enjoy technology. Take a look at some of these senior friendly pieces of tech.

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