Nursing Homes vs. Senior Living Communities?

The idea of nursing homes may inspire visions of a cold and medical environment. For many seniors, the general reputation of nursing homes is undesirable compared to their current lifestyle. Unfortunately, this reputation sours many seniors from the idea of senior communities altogether. Seniors may deny or refuse needed help in their daily lives for fear of giving up a lifestyle they love. The Windsor Senior Living Community is here to explain how senior living communities differ from Slidell nursing homes. 

The Windsor Senior Living Community is here to explain how senior living communities differ from Slidell nursing homes.

The Goal of Slidell Nursing Homes 

Slidell nursing homes, like other nursing homes, focus on the medical care of its residents before all else. Typically, the individuals who live in a nursing home require more intense care than those in a senior living community. These individuals are mostly or entirely dependent on their caregivers to have their needs met. 

How Are Senior Living Communities Different? 

Meanwhile, the residents of a senior living community like The Windsor can receive independent or assisted living to support their desired lifestyles. Senior living communities provide relief from the weight of the responsibilities growing more taxing in this chapter of their life. This can include services like housekeeping, fine dining with an extended continental breakfast and five-course lunch, and a social activity program

The Windsor even offers a beauty salon and a barbershop! Unlike the medical and impersonal environment of Slidell nursing homes, the recently renovated apartments of The Windsor are ready for residents to decorate as they please. Outside their apartments, the grounds of the community feature a chapel, library, game room, restaurant-style dining, crafts room, and more. For those who enjoy the outdoors, The Windsor maintains beautiful landscaping and cares for the wildlife living in the on-site pond. 

The Freedom of Independent Living

The residents of independent living communities can maintain the lifestyle they lived prior to joining the community. Independent living residents require little help and may still drive if capable. The only sacrifices residents give up during the transition into senior living are worries and responsibilities.

For those ready to feel like their golden days are a never-ending luxury vacation, The Windsor may be the option for you over a Slidell nursing home. In fact, residents can extend this lifestyle to guests who can book the guest apartment for up to a week at a time. Residents often express that they wish they moved into senior communities sooner once they realize how enjoyable it can be. 

Does The Windsor Sound Like the Perfect Fit for You or a Loved One? 

Instead of letting the reputation of places like Slidell nursing homes misguide you about senior living, choose relaxation and luxury with The Windsor. Our community can be the perfect place to achieve the ideal version of your or your loved one’s golden years. We currently offer a variety of apartment floor plans, from studio apartments to two-bedroom apartments. To inquire about available apartments, please contact us by calling 985-624-8040 or message us online. A member of our team is ready to help you with whatever you need.