A Retirement Home That Takes Care of You Like Family

At The Windsor Senior Living near Covington, our retirement home helps our residents continue enjoying life while also providing them with extra assistance when they need it. We ensure that our residents are constantly taken care of by one of our experienced team members while bringing them happiness and joy to fill their day. We understand the difficulty of putting your loved ones in a retirement home, but we want to assure your that they will be properly taken care of and loved as one of our own at our community near Covington. 

Retirement Home Near Covington That Takes Care of You Like Family

Why The Windsor Senior Living? 

At The Windsor Senior Living Community, we strive to provide our residents with the best care and living arrangements possible. We have many floor plans to choose from and offer various services to make life stress-free for our residents. These are just a few of the services and accommodations we offer: 

  • A guest apartment for family and friends to visit 
  • Housekeeping and maintenance repairs 
  • Meal preparation
  • Group field trips to the casino and movie theaters 
  • Monthly activities like bingo, musical performances, and more
  • Medication assistance 
  • Bathing and dressing assistance 
  • Yearly holiday parties

Since the beginning, our reputation, location, and services have made The Windsor the smartest and most affordable choice for a retirement community. So when the time comes to make that tough decision of moving out to a retirement community near Covington, make the right choice and move out to The Windsor. 

Benefits of Retirement Homes

We understand how important your parents are to you and the importance of their safety and health. Once your parents reach a certain age and need just a bit more attention, it is necessary to look into options for daily care. But, we understand that you can’t always be there. Options for exceptional care include a retirement home like ours near Covington. However, sometimes age doesn’t indicate when or why you should look into retirement homes. But, no matter the reason, the benefits of retirement homes are still the same. According to Mylifesite.net, those that move into a retirement home experience benefits such as: 

  • Remaining healthier for longer 
  • Being more active 
  • Reporting less loneliness 
  • Feeling a greater sense of security 
  • Enjoying life more

However, these are just some of the many benefits that come with moving into retirement homes. There are many more benefits to be experienced when moving into a retirement home, especially at The Windsor Living Community near Covington. 

Let Us Help You Find the Best Retirement Home near Covington Possible

Being prepared for the future is the best way to decide whether or not a retirement home is right for you or your parents. So start talking today about the decision and be prepared. Then when you are ready, head over to Windsor Senior Living Community to tour our retirement home near Covington. 

At The Windsor Senior Living Community, we want to help you consider your plan now to make the future easier. If you are already at that point and need help with your decision, schedule a tour or give us a call at 985-624-8040. One of our gracious staff members would be happy to assist you with this important decision!