How Nursing Homes and Senior Living Communities Differ

Seniors have options beyond nursing homes for New Orleans senior living. No two seniors have the same needs, and more independent seniors might not thrive with the level of care in nursing homes. Luckily, independent and assisted senior living communities can provide an environment to bolster their autonomy with assistance. Learn the difference between a nursing home near New Orleans and senior living communities with The Windsor

How a New Orleans Nursing Home and Senior Living Differ

What Is a Senior Living Community?

Senior living communities are the options for seniors who need a little help with their daily responsibilities but still want to maintain their lifestyle. Compared to the more intense care of nursing homes, this is perfect for those worried about maintaining their independence. After all, many people view retirement as a well-earned time to focus on their hobbies and entertainment. But when they can no longer support their lifestyle without help, senior living communities are there to assist. 

At The Windsor, we offer independent and assisted living options. Our independent living option provides able-bodied assistance with whatever residents need in order to focus on what’s most important to them. Residents receive help with daily meals, medication assistance, light housekeeping, and more. 

Besides the standard independent living services, we also offer an A La Carte menu of services residents can select as necessary. If residents need a little more help, our assisted living package offers a higher level of care, like daily dressing, bathing help, meal delivery, and additional care. We encourage residents to ask for any help they may need. Assisted residents’ apartments are on the same floor as independent residents so others have no sign of their neighbor’s level of care. 

How Is It Different From a Nursing Home Near New Orleans?

Nursing homes are senior residencies heavily focused on long-term medical care. Typically, they are intended for individuals who need around-the-clock intensive care. Many residents of nursing homes live there permanently in order to receive care and supervision for medical or mental conditions. However, sometimes individuals only live in nursing homes temporarily while they recover from a stay in the hospital. Because of this, nursing homes near New Orleans typically have a clinical environment focused on residents’ health.  

Alternatively, senior living communities focus on providing a fun environment for residents to enjoy their golden years while still receiving the level of care they need. Many senior living communities have activity and events coordinators focused on organizing special and daily entertainment. At The Windsor, our residents enjoy daily fun like bingo, continuing education, and prayer services. They also have the option to take part in special events like wine tastings and Luaus. The Windsor proudly creates a community where residents thrive. 

Interested in Senior Living Communities? Call Us! 

After learning the key differences between nursing homes near New Orleans and senior living communities, you may have decided a senior living community is the right fit for you. The Windsor is here to help you with the next steps of transitioning into independent or assisted living. Please call us at 985-634-8040 or send us a message online. We can’t wait to hear from you!