More Myths About Retirement Communities

Thanks to myths and rumors with no real truth to them, many potential residents have missed out or have wrong ideas about the retirement communities near New Orleans. And while it is good to question these big life choices. It shouldn’t keep you from happiness or relief. So, The Windsor Senior Living Community is here to debunk some more myths. Discover the actual truth and find out why The Windsor is an excellent choice for you or your loved one.

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Fact or Fiction: Is There An Age Limit?

One of the biggest reasons we hear why people choose to join retirement communities later in life is because they thought they weren’t old enough. There seems to be this idea that to live in a retirement community, the person needs to be a senior citizen. 

While most residents are over the age of 65, this doesn’t mean that this space is only for them. In fact, we do see residents choosing retirement communities near New Orleans who are quite younger. This is often due to medical reasons. Either the residence doesn’t want to feel like a burden, or nobody can take care of them. Our retirement community offers useful services as well as a sense of neighborliness. So yes, while most residents are elderly, a retirement community is for others as well. 

Fact or Fiction: I’ll Lose My Individuality

This is one concern we see a lot. Because perhaps there is a level of truth to it—for other places such as nursing homes. In nursing homes, the residents are more often treated as numbers. Their individuality can feel like it’s taken from them. And usually, they never leave their rooms because there isn’t anything to do. And, if there is, there isn’t much incentive to get out.

But when it comes to The Windsor, we do our best to ensure our residents keep their individuality. In fact, we have great pride in the fact that we promote individuality, where many do not. 

Fact or Fiction: Retirement Communities Are Lonely

At The Windsor, we do what we can to promote an actual community of like-minded individuals. Not only because we want our residents to have the best life possible, but because we are also aware that seniors are at risk of loneliness. To help avoid isolation in our residents, we offer numerous activities and events, so our residents have something to do and can make friends easier. 

Choosing The Best Of The Retirement Communities near New Orleans

Do you think you have a better grasp of the reality of retirement communities now? If not, we are always happy to help. Give us a call at 985-624-8040 or send us a message online. We can answer any question you have and can tell you why we’re the best choice of retirement communities near New Orleans. Find the best home for you or your loved one with The Windsor.