Maintaining Independence For Seniors

It’s a common perception that as we age, the more interdependent we become. Everyone should have the opportunity to live independently with dignity—especially our seniors. It is true that aging can be a catalyst for losing parts of your independence. That’s just life. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. As we watch our loved ones age, we have a natural tendency to try to help them as much as we can. This can be anything from taking out trash or cooking them meals throughout the week. By no means is this a bad thing. But giving your aging loved ones room for autonomy might be more important than you think! Explore your options of independent living center in Covington. 

Why Independence Is Important

The natural effects of aging makes independent living harder than it once was. The ability to make your own decisions in your day-to-day life plays a large role in self esteem and confidence. When someone is no longer managing the decisions in their life it’s easy to start to feel frustrated and depressed. While we cannot avoid some barriers to independence, we can look for ways to increase opportunities for independent living. That’s why the Windsor Senior Living Community offers both independent and assisted living options

Independent Living

At The Windsor, independent living residents have two meals a day, 365 days a year. We also provide light housekeeping services and convenient transportation to appointments, activities, and outings. Living in an independent living center helps take away the burden that comes with the activities of daily living. This leaves your loved ones room to make the decisions that are important to them.

Health & Wellness

After all the activities associated with daily living are taken care of, seniors at The Windsor are left with a variety of activities to take part in. It doesn’t matter where their interests lie, The Windsor staff always has an activity planned. In fact, The Windsor is known for our special events and parties throughout the year. Staying active both physically and mentally helps to strengthen the body and mind. This staves off depression, one of the most common illnesses associated with aging.

Regular activities at The Windsor include:

  • Regular Activities at The Windsor
  • Yoga Classes Bi-monthly
  • Live 2-B Healthy Customized Fitness for Seniors Bi-weekly
  • Ball Exercise Classes 2-3 times a week
  • Monthly Audiologist Visits
  • Quarterly Podiatrist Visits
  • Wii Bowling
  • Bingo Games
  • Coffee Chat
  • Birthday Happy Hours
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Special Events like Chef Soiree’ and Senior Prom
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • …And Many More

The Premier Independent Living Center In Covington

At Windsor Senior Living we strive to help our seniors maintain their independence. Make the decision to move to an independent living center in Covington. The experts at Windsor Senior Living help to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about what your right move might be, don’t hesitate to contact us at (985) 624-8040 or fill out a form online. We offer guided tours of all of our facilities to help inform your decision without feeling pressured. Our experts are standing by to help you with whatever questions you may have.