Lasting Friendships At The Right Senior Apartments

As time passes, forming new friendships becomes more difficult than before. However, personal connections with others is an important piece of our individual development and happiness. As we shift into this new part of life, our efforts to meet new people should be purposeful and necessary. At our senior living apartments in Mandeville, we understand your social needs. So that’s why we focus heavily on providing entertaining and interactive activities for our residents. See how we can help you make new friends and find a community today!

Fidn lasting friendships at our senior apartments in Mandeville!

Know What You Need

One of the perks of getting older is that you know what you like and what you need from a friend! No matter if it’s someone to share deep conversations, play games, exercise, discuss literature, or more—it’s important to have those people in your life. 

That’s one of the great perks about living in a senior community like The Windsor. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by people sharing similar necessities and interests as you. But don’t worry. Everyone gets nervous about meeting new people. Try dipping your toes in the water by reconnecting former friendships first. While not everyone from your past may share present interests, there are often times when old acquaintances may find they have developed common interests over the years. 

One way to make the first move is through technology. Social media has made it incredibly simple for long-lost friends to reconnect virtually. Or a quick Facebook message to say hi or to check-in will always be appreciated by an old pal. And modern technology makes it easy to video chat with friends who live far away, too. Of course, our staff is always around to help you connect if you need IT assistance. 

Another option is to simply reach out to new and different people in your past or present social networks. Since you are already running in the same social circle, chances are you have something in common with someone you didn’t realize before! 

Do What You Love

In addition to your existing social networks, find new circles to join. At our senior living apartments in Mandeville, we give you every opportunity to make great friendships because we are a community, not a retirement home. Go through our variety of activities and events, decide on your favorite hobbies, and then find a group that loves them too! This is an excellent way to be active while simultaneously meeting new people who share your passions. When you truly immerse yourself into something you love first, the right friendships will find you. 

Live How You Want

No matter what stage you are in life, we have a living arrangement that works for you. Because you only deserve the best, we have completely remodeled a handful of our one-bedroom and two studio apartments. All of your needs have been carefully accounted for as our designer and staff handpicked every detail of each apartment home. We have both independent and assisted living options, from studio to two-bedroom layouts. That way, we always have what you need readily available.

A flourishing social life eagerly awaits you at The Windsor in Mandeville! Call us today at 985-624-8040 to schedule a tour and see why The Windsor is the perfect home for you.