How to Stay Social in an Assisted Living Home

Humanity can trace our natural inclination toward community and social interaction back to our earliest days. The desire and need to be a part of a community and form friendships doesn’t lessen as we age. In fact, many view the golden days of retirement as the perfect chance to enjoy relaxing days spent with friends. However, many people increasingly need assistance to live the life they’d envisioned for their retirement. Often those in need of help refuse it in fear the help would endanger their social lifestyle. The Windsor Senior Living Community is here to explain how assisted living in New Orleans protects and encourages social lifestyles. 

Assisted living in New Orleans protects and encourages social lifestyles.

More Time for the Things That Matter! 

For those who have difficulty with daily responsibilities, assisted living communities offer services to lend a hand when necessary. At The Windsor, assisted living residents can customize the available services to their needs. Some of these services include biweekly housecleaning, medication assistance programs, daily meals, and more. 

Whenever help is needed, our residents can trust there will always be a helpful hand nearby. After a lifetime of hard work, our residents can find a place that creates room for the things that matter by taking the weight off their shoulders. Besides the standard assisted living package, residents can add on additional services from the optional À La Carte Menu, like scheduled dressing and bathing assistance or blood pressure checks. 

Assisted Living in New Orleans Offers More Than Care

Harmful stereotypes about senior living hide the positive benefits of assisted living behind false threats to one’s independence and social lifestyles. Many people unfairly view retirement communities as the end of their social autonomy. Often, retirement communities are filled with individuals trying to make the best of their golden years with the help of a fun-loving staff. 

The Windsor is one of many retirement homes with an entire team dedicated to keeping the monthly calendars full of events and activities. With an entire team focused on providing something enjoyable for everyone, our residents wake up each morning excited for the possibilities of the day. We fill the calendar for residents of The Windsor with fun events like wine tastings, luaus, and more. There are even community outings to locations like movie theaters, shopping malls, casinos, and plenty more.

It may come as a surprise to some just how much entertainment is available for residents of assisted living in New Orleans. Events and activities bring the community together and nurture friendships with like-minded individuals. Once the initial transition period has passed, residents often wish they moved into our community sooner. 

Interested in Assisted Living in New Orleans? 

The Windsor is a popular option for those seeking assisted living in New Orleans. Those who join our retirement community find themselves uplifted by the support they find there. It would honor us to help make your loved ones or your golden years as bright as possible. For those with questions, you can contact us by calling 985-624-8040 or by sending us a message online. We hope to hear from you soon!