How to Embrace Independent Living Near New Orleans

Looking into independent living near New Orleans? For many seniors, independent living may seem daunting, but at The Windsor Senior Living Community, we aim to make every resident feel comfortable adjusting to their new lifestyle. By learning to live independently, residents can continue to thrive in senior living. The following article provides seniors with the tools they need to decide whether independent living is right for them.

Seniors who embrace independent living near New Orleans.

What Is Independent Living?

When older adults decide it’s time to move to senior housing, there are various options for them depending on each individual’s needs. For those who have little issues taking care of themselves but are unable to continue living in their own home, independent living near New Orleans can be a great option. 

Unlike assisted living, those living independently do not have employees who help with daily tasks such as bathing, eating, and making appointments. Independent living lets older residents continue to have freedom and privacy. Residents have their own private spaces with a kitchen that allows them to cook for themselves, have others over, or be on their own. Residents choose independent housing to maintain a level of independence while living in senior housing.

Adjusting to Independent Lifestyle

While making the switch to independent living near New Orleans, there are many ways residents can embrace their new lifestyle. The best way to get acclimated to the community is to socialize with other residents. One of the benefits of senior living is the built-in community of older adults with whom incoming residents can meet and interact with. Socialization is important for maintaining mental health, so building relationships with residents is crucial to adjusting to independent living. 

In addition, taking advantage of all the services included with residency can maximize one’s stay and keep them occupied. Most senior living communities provide residents with activities and trips where they can get outside and have new experiences. For those who can’t drive, these trips are the perfect way for residents to get out in the world with their peers. 

Other services provided such as housekeeping and meals are often provided in order to aid residents to independent living. Without the stress of having to cook multiple meals and clean, residents can focus their energy on meeting other residents and participating in planned activities. These many opportunities for residents to interact with their community allow them to adjust to independent living with ease. 

Looking for Independent Living Near New Orleans?

Here at The Windsor Senior Living Community, we offer many options for adults looking for independent living. With six different apartment floor plans starting at $2,795 a month, future residents can decide what kind of space they need. Along with their own apartment, residents have a myriad of services included in their monthly fees. These services range from meals and light housekeeping to social activities and even a beauty salon. These many benefits relieve residents of the duties they had to take care of when they live on their own. 

In addition to the included services, The Windsor provides residents with extra A La Carte options for an extra cost per service. These options include medication assistance, extended housekeeping, and assistance with both bathing and dressing. Because not every resident requires this level of care, The Windsor allows residents to decide what services they need, and are charged accordingly. To learn more about independent living near New Orleans and get a quote, call 985-624-8040 or message us online to schedule a personalized consultation.