Overcome Hesitations About a Senior Living Community Near Baton Rouge

When deciding to move you or a loved one into a senior living community near Baton Rouge, there are bound to be some anxieties. Change always results in worries, even if there doesn’t need to be any. With all the misconceptions about assisted and independent living communities, it’s no surprise you may have reservations. However, understanding all the amazing benefits of senior living communities will have you feeling positive about this change. 

Overcome Hesitations About a Senior Living Community Near Baton Rouge

Understanding Your Options 

It may surprise you that the senior living industry has created many options for seniors transitioning into their next stage of life. No person is alike in their unique needs and there are many options to find the best fit. For example, understanding the difference between independent and assisted living is a great place to start when trying to decide.  You may also assume a retirement home is the same as assisted and independent living, but it isn’t. 

Often, an elderly person may need more from their care to fully enjoy their day-to-day lives but still need help to properly enjoy it. Assisted living is a perfect fit for seniors who still want to maintain their freedom but have reached a point where they need help to do so safely. While independent living has the same potential for this lifestyle with a smaller need for assistance.

What to Expect From a Senior Living Community Near Baton Rouge

If a senior living community near Baton Rouge sounds like the best fit for your options, you probably want to know more information about it. The Windsor offers an assisted living package that includes many helpful services, like dressing assistance, housekeeping, delicious meals, and a medication assistance program. There is even an A La Carte menu of services you can add to the package to tailor your needs to your situation. 

The assisted living residents live on the same floor as the independent living residents. They won’t have to fear embarrassment from the other residents, as there is no suggestion they have any additional aid. Even if this wasn’t the case, our residents help create an environment that feels like home the moment you step into our door. In fact, current resident, Cookie Zibilich, said, “This is home for me. I love the staff and residents. Everyone is like family.”

Senior Living Communities Are Exciting! Not Boring! 

Assisted and independent living arrangements never keep your loved ones from doing what they love. In fact, the primary goal at The Windsor is to help our residents live their best lives with as little strain and worry as possible. Studies have shown that individuals who move into senior living communities are often so happy with their lifestyles they regret not doing it sooner. It’s not only easier to do what they love with assistance, but the communities help those passions flourish. After spending most of their lives taking care of others and working hard, they deserve to live every day happily. Of course, just like with any major life transition, there is bound to be a transitional stage. But once the transition period has smoothed into a daily routine, residents thrive with their new lifestyle. 

Interested in Senior Living Communities Near Baton Rouge? We Can Help! 

If you are interested in senior living communities near Baton Rouge, The Windsor is more than happy to help you figure out your next steps. Don’t settle for depressing senior living options when assisted living can help you or a loved one flourish. If you have questions, call us at 985-624-8040 or send us your questions online. We hope to hear from you soon!