Keeping Your Grandparents Safe During COVID-19

The pandemic that we’re currently facing is a battle fought on many fronts. Keeping our seniors safe and healthy during this time should be our No. 1 priority. Evidence shows that our seniors are the mos]susceptible to this virus. The elderly are at a greater risk of developing complications from this virus. Complications from this virus necessitate hospitalization. For nearly 15% of seniors with the virus, infection proved fatal. It can be tough to talk with your grandparents about the severity of this virus. To make it easier, we compiled some tips to help your loved ones be safer. 

Stay At Home

You can avoid most of the problems associated with this pandemic if you simply stay at home and don’t have guests over. The COVID-19 virus is HIGHLY contagious meaning avoiding others is a priority. Studies show that people can spread the virus even though they’re not showing any symptoms of being sick. That means if you haven’t come in contact with anyone sick, you could still have a chance of contracting the virus. Being that the virus’s symptoms are more severe for the elderly, it’s important for your loved ones for you to stay at home. 

Let Someone Shop For You

Young and healthy people practice “social distancing” by staying at home when necessary. The exception is to leave home for the essentials such as groceries or medical supplies. It’s advised for seniors to stay at home and have someone they trust deliver essentials. Plain and simple, elderly people should not go to the store. The less contact they have with the outside world, the better. If they must shop for themselves, we advise seniors to stock up on food and the essentials in a single trip. The fewer the trips that need to be made result in less risk taken. 

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Wash Your Hands Frequently

Coming in contact with someone infected increases your chance of getting this virus. The virus spreads through airborne droplets. These droplets are produced when someone with the virus coughs or sneezes. Some studies state that the virus can remain alive and infectious on surfaces for a long time. That’s why it’s so important to wash your hands often. The best thing to wash your hands with is warm water and soap. If you don’t have access to soap, hand sanitizer will suffice. Be sure to use a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.

Additionally, you should also disinfect your home—often. Wipe down all surfaces that people may have come in contact with. This includes doorknobs, remotes, sinks, chairs, phones, and tables. Be extra cautious if you have someone deliver your groceries or supplies. You should also disinfect anything you are bringing inside. 

The Premier Senior Center In Covington

The Windsor Senior Living Community is a senior living center in Covington that is dedicated to your loved ones’ health. During these times, we’re taking extra measures to ensure the safety of all the ones you love. For any additional questions that you might have, check out the FAQ section of our website or send us a brief message via our contact page.