Family-Friendly Senior Living Apartments

Moving away from family is often difficult to do, especially when considering to move your parents into an assisted living community. But you don’t manage this choice on your own —let The Windsor Senior Living Community make it a little easier for you! We are a warm, welcoming, and friendly community, dedicated to providing a respectful and healthy environment for our residents. Every single one of our residents is family to us and we hope to have you become a part of it! Closely located near New Orleans, we make it easy and convenient to visit your loved ones regularly.

Good For The Whole Family

The Windsor Senior Living Community is a valuable option for those seeking assisted living alternatives for their family. Because our job is to encourage healthy aging, residents receive the attention they deserve and more! Our staff focuses on encouraging exercise, positive eating habits, healthy social interaction, as well as transportation to medical appointments. Choosing The Windsor gives a strong sense of security knowing your family member is receiving state-of-the-art care. Rather than buzzing with worry, make your visits together a pleasant and memorable time.

Plan For A Positive Change

It’s normal to have concerns when changes occur especially concerning time to visit your parents at their new home. Studies show that nurturing family relationships is vitally important for mental health as we grow older. Thankfully, our senior living apartments near New Orleans make it easy to visit family often. Plan when and how you are going to keep in touch with your relative before moving them into their new home. If necessary, reassure them of your commitment by marking on a calendar in their room. It’s also beneficial to talk to your other family members and go over when will work best for each of you to visit, both separately and together. 

Where Family Visits Are Extraordinary

It’s also important to make your visits with your family interesting and meaningful. What are your parent’s past and new hobbies and how can you be apart of it? There are new memories for you to create from their past and present interests. It could be anything, from sewing, dog walks, or car shows to keep them strong and happy. As long as your loved ones are being physically and mentally active, they are happy and experiencing a high quality of life.

Find your place at our family-friendly senior living apartments near New Orleans!

A New Place, Full Of New Opportunities

In addition to staying involved in their families’ lives, forming new social connections is important to senior health. There are plenty of opportunities for your relatives to make new and meaningful friends at our senior living apartments near New Orleans. We’re always encouraging our residents to engage one another as our social activities calendar is full of variety—both in the living community and around town! Our activities include fitness classes, shopping, happy hours, concerts, arts and crafts, and much more. So even if you don’t like one activity, there’s always something else to choose.

Schedule A Tour At The Windsor Today

Visit our community and see it all yourself! The Windsor is a happy, active, and healthy environment where seniors form new friendships. Additionally, our newly renovated apartments surround a peaceful pond, making it the perfect option for adult children looking for senior living apartments near New Orleans. Please reach out by phone at 985-624-8040 or by online form for any questions. Our staff is eager to talk to you about your family’s retirement living options.