Explore Covington Retirement Home Living Options

Ready to celebrate your best years at a retirement home near Covington? Retirement is a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Covington, Louisiana is the perfect place to embark on this new chapter due to the serene setting and charming community. When it comes to retirement living options, The Windsor Senior Living Community stands out as a premier choice. With a range of accommodations and services, this retirement home offers independent living and assisted living for seniors looking for a comfortable and vibrant lifestyle.

Lady enjoying retirement home

Independent Living: Embracing Freedom and Community

For those who value their independence but seek the convenience of a retirement community, The Windsor Senior Living’s independent living options are ideal. The senior who will thrive in an independent living community requires little assistance and may still drive. With our recently renovated apartments, residents can enjoy a private and secure space, while also having access to various amenities and activities. Just outside their private apartments, seniors can engage in social events and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals. Independent living at The Windsor Senior Living offers a worry-free lifestyle, by taking taxing responsibilities off their shoulders. 

Assisted Living: Supportive Care Tailored to Your Needs

Sometimes, a little extra support and care can make a significant difference in one’s daily life.  Our assisted living option provides the extra care that could make a huge difference.The Windsor Senior Living even offers an A La Carte amenities residents can add onto their standard care plan. This allows you or your loved one to gain the extra care they may need without paying for what they do not need

Whether you or your loved one needs medication assistance, dressing, or scheduled blood pressure checks, The Windsor Senior Living provides these services with trained caregivers. The assisted living residents have their own apartment homes on the same floor as the independent living residents. A resident’s neighbors will have no idea the level of care they may require as our staff believes everyone should be able to maintain privacy in our community. 

Apartments: A Blend of Comfort and Convenience

The Windsor Senior Living offers spacious, newly renovated, and well-designed apartments. These apartments provide seniors the freedom to decorate and personalize their space according to their tastes and preferences. 

With limitless interior design options to make their apartment a unique space, residents can find the perfect fit for their needs. Apartments at Windsor Senior Living are designed to offer comfort, convenience, and a sense of belonging.

Lifestyle and Amenities: Enriching and Engaging

Retirement living at The Windsor Senior Living goes beyond mere accommodation. The community is thoughtfully designed to provide a range of amenities and activities to enhance residents’ quality of life. From nature walks, outdoor seating areas, and a pond to landscaped gardens and walking paths, there is no shortage of opportunities to stay active and connect with nature. 

Additionally, residents can participate in a variety of social events like happy hour, special events, and other exciting events. Our staff goes above and beyond creating a social calendar full of events for all our residents. 

Making the Right Choice for Your Retirement

Choosing the right retirement home is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. The Windsor Senior Living Community in Covington, Louisiana, offers living options to suit individual preferences and needs. Whether you opt for independent living, or assisted living,  you can find everything you need for a bright retirement. Embrace this new chapter in your life with confidence! Rest easy in knowing that our  retirement home near Covington is there to support you every step of the way. Contact us today by calling 985-624-8040 or sending us a message online.et us help you walk through which option would be right for you.