Deciding Between a Covington Nursing Home and Assisted Living?

In life, no one walks the same path. With all the choices we make along the way, it’s foolish to think everyone will have the same needs, preferences, and options as their neighbor. As one ventures into the world of senior care, a range of options will become available to you. Learning that senior care is not limited to a nursing home may come as a shock to some. Or perhaps the lines separating nursing homes and senior living communities are blurred. Deciding the best fit between nursing homes and assisted living becomes easier as you learn about the details. To help transition into this next chapter, explore the major characteristics and lifestyles of Covington nursing homes vs. senior living. 

Look through the major characteristics and lifestyles of Covington nursing homes vs. senior living.

A Covington Nursing Home Offers Higher Care 

For individuals who need the most attentive level of care outside of a hospital, nursing homes can meet the needed standard with 24-hour monitoring and a personal physician overseeing each patient. Nursing homes are for those who cannot live an independent lifestyle freely and need help throughout the day. In order to properly care for the complex medical conditions their residents often live with, nursing homes equip themselves with medical equipment, qualified staff, and physical safety features like handlebars, elevators, and electric beds. Nursing homes can provide whatever care is necessary to foster the best living environment for their residents at all times. 

Senior Living’s Upbeat Environment 

While many people love the nursing home they live in, they tend to have a more hospital-like atmosphere. Meanwhile, independent and assisted senior living feel much homier with apartment-style lodging. The community areas are more focused on creating a fun and friendly community for the residents than nursing homes. Often, like at The Windsor Senior Living, an entire team is dedicated to planning and organizing social events, outings, and activities. For example, The Windsor’s residents enjoy wine tastings, Luaus, group activities, and outings to places like casinos and movie theaters.

Amenities like house cleaning services, medicine administration, and dining help seniors have the full autonomy of their independent lifestyles. In fact, residents capable of driving can live just as vibrant lifestyles as they did before moving into the community. For the residents who cannot or aren’t comfortable driving, there are often transportation services available to help. Senior living communities are centered on making whatever residents want to do with their days a seamless, stress-free experience. 

So, what are the main differences between a Covington nursing home vs. assisted senior living? Generally, nursing homes are focused on providing the highest level of medical care. However, senior living communities strive to provide an environment where their residents can enjoy full autonomy over their lives without strain. 

Interested in Independent and Assisted Senior Living? 

If a senior living community sounds like the right fit for you, The Windsor Senior Living is a widely beloved and high-quality option you should consider. If you are interested in testimonials about the experience we offer, our community’s testimonials are highly positive because of the high standards we set and meet for ourselves. Please call us at 985-624-8040 or send a message online if you would like more information. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!