Assisted Living in Our Senior Living Community

As we grow older, some of us need some extra help to get through our day. But, on the other hand, others don’t. However, it’s unfair to treat seniors all the same and not based on an individual case. But what does “assisted living” actually mean? And why is it necessary to have as an option for our senior living community? The Windsor Senior Living Community has the answers you need to see why we might be the right choice for you or your loved one. 

The Need for Assisted Living

But what exactly is “assisted living,” and why do some individuals need those services? Well, the answer is quite simple. Assisted living is pretty straightforward—this service is for individuals who need additional help with tasks in their daily lives. As a senior living community with residents who may need extra help, we’re more than happy to help. But why would people need these services?

  • Safety. Often, the help that’s needed usually has to do with walking or moving around. And when someone has difficulty moving but still tries to, they could seriously injure themselves.
  • Transportation Needs. When we can no longer safely move our bodies, transportation gets harder as driving cars becomes dangerous. This is especially dangerous when we need to see a doctor. With assistance, our residents can get where they need to go for their medical visits.
  • Comfort. Sometimes, when our family members need extra help, we put down everything to help them. However, this isn’t sustainable, especially for one person who has other responsibilities. 

There could be a number of reasons why individuals need extra aid in their daily lives. However, all of them are valid, and we’re more than happy to help you or your family member in their time of need. How exactly do we attend to your needs? Take a look for yourself and see how we could assist you with the tasks you need. 

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How We Help Our Assisted Living Residents

At The Windsor, we offer a number of assisted living services to our residents so they can pick and choose what they need help with at their discretion. Some examples are services such as medication assistance, housekeeping, and more. Additionally, for those who require most or all of the services, we have an A La Carte package available so you can save money and get the help you need. Take a look and see how we could help you.

Contact Our Senior Living Facility for the Help You Need

Don’t settle for a mundane nursing home or facilities that don’t put their residents first. At The Windsor Senior Living Community, we’re dedicated to every single resident’s health and care. That’s why we offer a variety of services. If you have any questions regarding these services or our facility, feel free to contact us! You can give us a call at 985-624-8040 or send us your questions online. We’re more than happy to help you at our senior living facility, no matter if you’re in Covington, Mandeville, or even Slidell.