3 Benefits of Joining Our Retirement Community In Mandeville

As time presses on, tasks that were once easy may now prove more difficult. Perhaps you’re struggling to complete certain tasks such as meal prep or remembering to take your medications. If you or a loved one has trouble with daily tasks like these, perhaps joining a retirement community in Mandeville is the right move.

Choosing the right place to live during your retirement is a very important decision. After all, there are many different types of retirement communities. And each community offers different amenities to better suit specific needs. We have a stellar reputation as the best local retirement community. Find out more about The Windsor Senior Living Community and see why we’re the best for you. 

What Can Windsor Offer You?

Change is hard! And your retirement is a big transitional period. This time is often wrought with questions and uncertainty. But there’s no need to worry anymore! Living in a retirement community has a number of benefits right under your nose. The Windsor offers you a full-fledged retirement experience unlike any other. Check out some of the benefits of joining the best retirement community in Mandeville.

#1: A Sense of Community

The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of staying socially engaged in your senior years are huge!. Seniors that remain social tend to live longer and maintain a healthier quality of life. Additionally, studies show they possess stronger immune systems and have a lowered risk of dementia with an active life. 

The Windsor is proud to have a very social atmosphere and our social activities calendar is always full. These activities change every month to keep things fresh for our residents. Some of the activities are in-house while others are out in greater communities. A few fan favorites include:

  • Healthy Senior Fitness Classes
  • Happy Hours
  • Casino Trips
  • Wii Bowling
  • Shopping
  • Arts n Crafts
  • Plays
  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • Movies (Both Theater And In-House)
  • Sports Events
  • Mystery Rides
  • Library
  • And many more!

#2:  It’s Low Maintenance! 

As you grow older, physically demanding tasks like yard work or house repair become increasingly dangerous. The risk of falling or sustaining another form of injury increases significantly every single day. When you live in The Windsor Senior Living Community, these problems become a thing of the past.

Our professional staff provides full 24-hour around the clock services. From safety concerns to our professionally trained chef, we provide around the clock service to meet any need. In our community, you don’t have to worry about a thing with our amazing services and amenities.

#3: It’s More Affordable Than You Think

We’ll admit it, senior living communities aren’t inexpensive. But when you consider what’s included in our premium services, you’ll find that it’s not as costly as you think. Most retirement communities charge a monthly rate that includes all your rent, bills, food, and support. That means you won’t have separate bills for cable, water, internet, and trash. Home maintenance costs, high insurance premiums, and property taxes are things of the past. You even save money on transportation and entertainment. 

Contact The Best Retirement Community In Mandeville!

If you or a loved one are looking to live a safe, independent lifestyle, then call The Windsor Senior Living Community at 985-624-8040 or book a tour online today! Have a question or two for us? Please feel free to send us a message. Our professional staff is ready to help you find your new home.